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How to Make $10 Daily With Bitcoin

What is Bitcoins?   

Bitcoin is Money. It is a digital currency that serves the same functions and purposes as money. You can buy anything by using Bitcoins, even you can make online purchases and complete your transaction by paying as Bitcoins.

The value of the Bitcoin?


Today the 4th Feb 2017 1 Bitcoin is equal to 1015.12 Us Dollar

 1 Bitcoin=100,000,000 Satoshi like 1 $ = 100 cent

Each bitcoin (BTC) is divisible to the 8th decimal place, so each BTC can be split into 100,000,000 units. Each unit of bitcoin, or 0.00000001 bitcoin, is called asatoshi. A Satoshi is the smallest unit of Bitcoin.

Benefits of bitcoins

  1. Send and receive money anywhere in the world
  2. No need bank approval
  3. No exchange restrictions
  4. Use as you want
  5.  Peer to Peer
  6. Lowest fees for any transaction
  7. Irreversible
  8. Secure
  9. Impossible to fake and Buy online etc

How to use Bitcoin?

You can use Bitcoin More than 30 Countries to Buy anything and you do not need to exchange your local currency, you can withdraw with local Bitcoin Merchant on 10% to 15 % commission,

Where to deposit or withdraw Bitcoin?

Online Bitcoin Wallet is like online banking account where you can manage your bank account online for a transaction or for buy or sell your Bitcoin.

How to Earn or make Bitcoin?

  1. Earn free Bitcoins by completing tasks on websites
  2. Earn Bitcoins from interest Payments
  3. Earn Bitcoin from mining
  4. Trading
  5. Online Faucet

If you want to earn free Bitcoin daily follow instruction otherwise leave the page,  next is only for those who want to earn thanks

Step 1

First you need to open your online Bitcoin account where you will store or deposit your Bitcoin, They call it, Bitcoin Wallet There are many Wallets for Bitcoin but we shall open account with CoinBase, You need only your email id which is active and accessable because you will need to activate your coinbase account,

Now click this and create your CoinBase Wallet account 

This page will open complete the form and activate it


After completing the registration, now click on tools 


There will be address like this


Copy it and save on desktop we need several time in few minutes, this is your account number on coinbase Wallet you can also use your email for sign in too,

Step 2

Now  begin to  Earn on no 1 is Freebitcoin now click it

free bitcoin    click on it and create the account with e-mail


After sign in this page will be like this


now solve captcha click on I’m not a robot Then click on Roll

this time you will recieve few satoshi like 190 or 200 or more which you can see on top right on your screen near logout option,


there is another option on this page you can play a lottery with this money or withdraw to your coinbase wallet click on withdraw and think how you want it better is weekly without any fees or but the ticket for a weekly lottery which big prizes first prize is near 2 Bitcoin equal to $2030 or may different,

Step 3

so Same Work here with these faucets sign up  and collect your Satoshi,

  1. Bitsforclicks

Very Simple sign up and complete tasks like ad views, and clicks few advertise

2. Daily Doge

Sign in with Facebook and claim your satoshi after every 5 min

3.  BTC Clicks

sign up and click ads to earn and pay out

4. BustedFaucet



7. Time for Bitco



10. world of



13. Mp Faucet

14. Gr8BitcoinFaucet

15. CoinPrizes

16. Freebitbox 

If you have Completed your accounts on up Bitcoin Faucets then You’ve completed your first task accurately, Now very simple Earn your Free Bitcoin on these Faucets after few days practice for 3 to 8 hours you will be able to manage your team now

Final Step

Build your team with refer program, for example, collect $ 3 in a day and you have active 15 referrals members so You can easily achieve your $10 in a day or more, my earning was before this post

$ 0.80 per day

now it is almost 10 dollar if you have passion and good managing skill so very easy but you can try it,

Disclaimer don’t pay any amount to any site or your own risk





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