Yes, it is real that answer the question or advice and gets paid by many websites, how it is possible very easy you have to create the account on those websites for work or you can create your own website if you are a master in any subject or field,

These websites pay you for your answers and advice

1- JustAnswer has 20 million plus users and answer price is $ 5 to 25 $ per question or depend on your expertise, If a customer accepts your answer you will be deposited in your account, Threshold is $ 20 and payment payout via PayPal.


Become an adviser even at your home no one like you or listen your advices there is opportunity and money for you on the Keen, give advice to others on phone,  you have to select your Schedule for incoming calls from the customers and give your advice on subject or experts opinion, you will get 62% and rest money goes to keen you or customers can not see number.



Bitwine is a little bit different than other websites first you give advice by text chatting or video chat then set the price and satisfied the customers by phone call or video call.



You will be categorized first on your skill expertise then matches people who have questions for you.


This website is growing very fast because it is one of the leading services for customers. you will get money after answer question that people ask through their smartphone.


Answer and get paid very simple website for make money just answer and get your cash.


Answer a question and get your money through Google Adsense revenue sharing program.


350-600 words detaile answer or article and you can earn almost 20 $. you are paid for assignment good website for experts.


KGB is the biggest branded directory assistance services provider in Europe. It is also the biggest independent provider of outsourced directory assistance services in the United States. As a KGB agent you get paid to answer text questions. Pay is between $0.08 to $0.10 per answer.


Payout when you have $20 via paypal. $0.20 for each conversation you are involved.


If your answer is awarded Then will be paid Through Google adsense percentage.


Contributor,Helper, Expert, Top Expert. As a Contributor you earn 50% of the revenue earned through ads on the site, as a Helper, you earn 60%, as an Expert, you earn 70% of the earned revenue, plus you get $5 per post, and finally, as a Top Expert, you earn 70% of the revenue, and $15 per post.


Active member can make money answer question after free answer period.


You can market your self anywhere. Put your ETHER phone number on your blog, website and even on your business card. Fix your rate per min or per hour or call as your wish.


This is like a tutor help the students and get paid.

80% commission via paypal


If you can answer questions, then you can make a few bucks. When the question is posted, you get to bid on it with your price to answer it. After you win the question, the Inquirer will pay you through Expert bee. Once it’s all done, the money will be redirected to your PayPal.


Answer small business questions and get paid via paypal.